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If you are looking for a granite countertop, Comptoir Quartz & Granite can help you. We compare prices from many suppliers in Canada and the United States to offer the best prices in Laval. Our goal is to help you realize your dreams. Start the process today to get the countertop you deserve.

Granite, a material with many advantages

When choosing a kitchen countertop, there are many things to consider. Your personal taste and budget will influence your choice, but you should also consider the characteristics of each material. Despite its slightly higher purchase price, the many advantages of granite make it a sound investment.

First of all, granite is a very resistant material to breakage, scratches and heat. However, it is important to know that each type of granite has its own characteristics. You must therefore find out about the specific restrictions for the daily and annual maintenance of your countertop.

In addition, granite is a natural stone in which quartz, mica and feldspar crystals are mixed together and is found in many places on Earth. If you choose slabs from Quebec or Canada, their price will certainly be lower. If your budget allows, you can also choose from granite from Brazil, Italy, Africa and Asia. These so-called exotic models sometimes have rarer colors, such as dark blue and green. Each piece of granite is unique and creates a special atmosphere in a room.

What to know before buying a granite countertop?

Despite its great strength, granite has a few things to be aware of.

First of all, if you buy a granite countertop from a sample, it is difficult to visualize the whole piece of furniture. Due to the nature of this material, each piece has its own uniqueness. Indeed, the veins give different slabs from each other. Therefore, you must be prepared for the unexpected and accept the fact that the finished countertop may look a little different than you imagined. To avoid this stress, it is possible to choose a plain black granite or another color.

Then, depending on the color of the granite and its finish, the resistance can vary. For example, lighter-colored granites are less resistant to heat, antique finishes require more sealant and satin finishes require more polishing. These are just details, but the information is still important.

For a granite countertop in the Laval area, there is no better option than Comptoir Quartz & Granite. Our personalized service and attention to detail make us one of the best in the industry. With our unbeatable prices, you have everything to gain by contacting us. Don't wait any longer and get the kitchen you deserve.

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