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Most frequently asked questions and answers

Quartz is an artificial stone which is in fact a mixture of resin or polymer glue with residues of granite, marble, other natural stones, ceramics, glass etc. Quartz is not as heat resistant as granite which is a 100% natural stone. Granite requires annual maintenance with the application of a sealer which can be done directly by the customer. It is also available in a lesser range of colors compared to quartz which offers a wide range of colors.

Approximately 25.5 inches.

Approximately 36 inches.

The success of a quartz countertop installation starts with the measurement. This is included in all our projects. After agreeing on a date, we come and measure your quartz or granite countertop. If the measurement is not accurate, the countertop may not be installed on the scheduled date.

It takes about 7 to 10 days for measurements and 10 to 12 working days for installation.

  • The percentage of quartz and resin and its quality.
  • The thickness.
  • The work put into the design of the slab.
  • The demand for color.
  • The brand
  • The design location.
  • Type of finish.

No, we have representatives on the road who can come by and show you samples, at no cost or obligation, directly in your home to help you better visualize color choices and match them with existing floors, furniture, cabinets, etc.

We cannot negotiate a price on all materials. We can, however, offer you lower cost equivalents of the same quality.

We have Technistone's Crystal Absolute White which is the best value white. We also have the Blanco Zeus from Silestone which is more expensive but is known for its uniqueness.

In terms of cost, there is a difference of about $200 to $300 on the total bill between the two thicknesses when the project requires only a quartz slab. In terms of thickness, the 2 cm which represents ¾ inches is more often used for vanities or desks, while the 3 cm thickness which is equivalent to 1 ¼ inches is more often found at the kitchen countertop level. There is no doubt that the 2 cm is more fragile, however, there are more and more people who prefer the thinner style of the 2 cm in their kitchen.

No, we only do sales, measurements, production, installation and after sales service for our customers.

If you would like to purchase your sink with us at the same time as the countertop, it is possible to do so. Simply select a sink from our supplier Bristol's website ( and let us know which one you have chosen so we can add it to your quote. We sell them at the same price as posted on their site.

We recommend Silestone's Miami Vena for its light veining, subtlety, affordability and Silestone quality. We also like to recommend Vicostone's Ventisca, which is a white that goes with almost everything and is a good value. Finally, we have a crush on Vicostone's Misterio which represents a marble effect in all its splendor.

Each quartz range has its own recommendations, however it is important to know that you should not use chemicals to clean the countertops as well as abrasive cloths. In summary, it is recommended to clean with water and mild soap. For the most stubborn stains, you can use rubbing alcohol under any reserve.

No, not necessarily.
It is certain that white joints can change color over time depending on the maintenance of the countertops, but this is not always the case.

Depending on the brand, the equipment is guaranteed between 20 years and lifetime!

The quote includes measuring, cutting the countertops, delivery, installation of the countertops, sink and faucets. For a small extra charge, the removal of existing countertops can be done.

Yes, just let us know when you request a quote.

Yes, just let us know when you request a quote.

You can receive your quote within 24 hours! However, we cannot guarantee this time frame during busy periods.

Several solutions are available to you, such as finding an equivalent color in another brand, a color that is made in a different slab size, a color in a different range or a similar color. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss!

The polished finish is less porous, which means it will not stain. The matte finish has a risk of staining if the countertop comes in contact with standing liquid, such as coffee drips from under the machine, or dish soap drips.

Black quartz is more prone to scratches, while black granite does not have this problem.

Yes, we work with brands that offer this certification, such as Silestone, Caesarstone and Radianz, as well as other lesser known brands.

  • The shiny backsplashes
  • Minimalist cabinets in one color, without handles
  • Glossy finishes, wood effect finishes
  • Materials such as mesh, wood, metal, marble effects
  • The touches of color, gray, yellow, blue, white, green and black to stand out
  • The blocks
  • The gold color details, the metallic details
  • The ''floating'' shelves
  • Neutral and natural colors
  • Suspended lights
  • Minimalist, high tech or organic styles
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