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Are you looking for a high quality granite countertop at a competitive price? Comptoir Quartz & Granite is here to help you. Our approach is to compare products from several manufacturers in Canada and the United States to find the best deals. Whether you want a classic or modern style, you won't find a better service.

Why choose a granite kitchen countertop?

There are many reasons to buy a granite countertop. Whether it's for its great resistance or the many styles available, you can't be disappointed with your choice.

In fact, it is not for nothing that granite is the most widely used natural stone in countertop manufacturing. In addition to resisting scratches and breaks, this high-end material also stands up well to contact with heat. However, to avoid dulling your knives, you should cut your food on a board.

Second, granite comes in many colors and designs. Depending on the region of origin of the stone, the hues and patterns differ. To save money on your purchase, we recommend choosing slabs from Quebec and Canada. In addition to lower transportation and import costs, these models have a smaller ecological footprint.

In addition, depending on the size of your kitchen countertop and the granite you choose, you may benefit from a worktop without any visible joints. The pieces are normally between 7 and 10 feet long, which gives you plenty of room to create different types of kitchen or bathroom furniture. If this is not possible, professional installation of the slabs can greatly reduce the appearance of joints between the different pieces.

What are the factors that influence the price of a granite countertop?

When it comes to replacing your kitchen countertop, there are many materials to choose from. Among the popular options, granite stands out for the elegance and originality of its patterns. Its durability and natural look have made it a favorite in contemporary households. Granite is found in many parts of the world, which influences its quality and color. Depending on several other factors, the cost per square foot can fluctuate from $45 to over $200. Let's take a look at the reasons for this wide variation in price.

Dimensions of granite slabs

Three stone formats exist for granite kitchen and bathroom countertops. There is the single block, multiple slabs and tiles. The larger the pieces chosen, the more expensive the material and installation will be. However, opting for a single block avoids the presence of visible joints and ensures uniformity of color and pattern.

In addition, the thickness of the granite will greatly influence the overall cost of the kitchen countertop. A thicker coating increases the strength of the whole, but also inflates its price.

Accessibility of colors and patterns

Because granite is found almost everywhere on the planet, its colors and patterns vary greatly. Some types of granite, mainly those with blue and green hues, are more rare worldwide and therefore more expensive. In addition, some patterns and color combinations are only found in a few regions. The importation and rarity of these natural stone styles significantly increases their purchase cost. In addition, the law of supply and demand influences the market; the more fashionable and sought after a granite becomes, the more expensive it is in stores.

Quality of the chosen granite

Several factors influence the quality of a granite block. Its origin, color, pattern and the presence of imperfections such as veins or micro-cracks mainly play on the visual aspect of the stone. However, the level of resistance of granite and its cost vary according to the strength, thickness and composition of the minerals.

Coating treatment

To keep a granite waterproof and smooth, a treatment must generally be applied every year. However, specialized products exist to avoid this annual task. In addition, this technique reduces the chances of staining and offers a hermetic seal guaranteed for 10 to 15 years. This type of covering is obviously more expensive to purchase, but it makes life easier for many people.

The finish

Several finishes are available on the market. In general, the slabs already have a polished finish, as this is the most popular and least expensive option. Choosing a honed or flamed finish requires additional treatment, which increases the price of the countertop.

Labor and installation

An important part of the cost of a granite countertop is the labor required for optimal installation. When a block is purchased, it is not worked and therefore has no cutouts or edges. The cutouts include holes for the various elements of the kitchen, such as the sink, faucet, cooktop, etc. The more cut-outs you have to make, the higher the price. In addition, there are several choices of edges. The complexity of this detail will have an impact on the cost of labor. In addition, the size of the slabs influences the amount of installation. A single block is more labor intensive than tiles and installation costs increase.

In addition, buying your granite from a big box store may seem like a savings, but the employees don't always know their stuff. In addition, prices change very little and installation is rarely included. A specialized company has the expertise to guide customers to the optimal granite countertop for their budget. A natural materials company regularly offers prices that include the stone, measurements, advice, cutting and installation. In the end, you save money by hiring a specialized company for the entire project.

A granite countertop is a long-term investment and taking the time to choose it well is essential to respect your budget and your desires. Talking with an expert and remaining flexible can reduce the cost of renovations. Granite will certainly give a unique style to a kitchen and its sturdiness will withstand the daily grind of the busiest households.

Advantages of granite countertops

There are several advantages to using granite countertops. Among them are their durability, moisture resistance, heat resistance, permanent feel, strength and good performance.


Granite is a great choice for kitchen countertops because it offers several benefits to homeowners. You can find a granite countertop at a cheaper price by choosing the right composition, design and color for your kitchen. Visit our granite section to look at your options.

If you would like to discuss your project, we would be happy to help you. Please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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