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If you want a granite countertop to build the kitchen of your dreams, you won't find a better company in Sherbrooke than Comptoir Quartz & Granite. To offer high quality products at competitive prices, we compare inventories from several suppliers in Canada and the United States. Our technique allows you to save up to 30% on the total price of your countertop.

What are the advantages of granite countertops?

By choosing a granite countertop for your kitchen or bathroom, you will enjoy the many benefits of this material.

First of all, granite is recognized as one of the strongest materials in the industry. It is highly resistant to heat, scratches and breakage. However, care must be taken because a major impact could crack or crumble the surface, especially if the impact is near the edges. In addition, to avoid dulling knives and prematurely wearing out a section of the countertop, it is preferable to use boards to cut the food.

Moreover, granite slabs are generally between 7 and 10 feet long. Therefore, in most cases, there is no need for joints to make the entire countertop. Otherwise, installation companies have the expertise to keep the appearance of joints to a minimum. The result is a smooth work surface. It is not recommended to combine several pieces of granite. Because each slab has its own unique patterns and veining, it is sometimes difficult to match two slabs together. If it is absolutely necessary for your project, you should consider plain black patterns. Don't hesitate to talk to your supplier, he will be able to guide you and advise you so that you get the countertop of your dreams.

What are the disadvantages of granite?

Obviously, the disadvantages are few.

Among its drawbacks, there is the cost of purchasing it. Being a high quality natural stone, it is normal that granite is not the cheapest material on the market. However, its many qualities and long life make it an excellent investment.

Secondly, depending on the color and finish chosen, the characteristics of the countertop may change. For example, light-colored granites are less resistant and satin finishes stain more easily if there is a grease spill.

However, these defects are minimal. You won't regret your choice!

For a granite countertop in the Longueuil area, there is no better option than Comptoir Quartz & Granite. Our personalized service and attention to detail make us one of the best in the industry. With our unbeatable prices, you have everything to gain by contacting us. Don't wait any longer and get the kitchen you deserve.

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