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Are you looking for a quartz countertop to give your kitchen a new look? Comptoir Quartz & Granit can help you. Our company compares prices from several suppliers in Canada and the United States to offer you the kitchen of your dreams without blowing your budget. In Laval, you won't find prices this low.

Quartz is becoming increasingly popular in Quebec households. This luxurious-looking material easily adapts to any atmosphere, from minimalist to industrial. The vast choice of colors and textures meets the needs and desires of all. It is not for nothing that interior designers are increasingly incorporating quartz into their decorating ideas. This great diversity is due to the manufacturing process of the slabs. Unlike marble and granite, quartz countertops are imagined and designed in a factory. Manufacturers mix quartz with industrial debris and resin to create hundreds of different designs. The mix includes glass, ceramic and mirror chips, as well as marble and granite residue. These recycled materials are bonded together with the resin to which color pigments are regularly added to change the shade of the tile.

Physical qualities of quartz

In addition to the wide variety of quartz available on the market, this material is highly valued for its many physical characteristics.

First of all, quartz is one of the strongest materials in the world and is very resistant to shocks. It survives the upheaval of any family. However, care must be taken with heat and sharp objects. To avoid unnecessary damage to the quartz, it is recommended to use cutting boards and trivets.

Then, the mixture of natural stone and resin creates a completely smooth and non-porous work surface. As a result, quartz is difficult to stain, even if there is a wine or grease spill. In addition, quartz surfaces are among the most hygienic on the market and limit the proliferation of bacteria.

Finally, the maintenance of quartz is easier and faster than that of marble or granite. A little soapy water and a clean cloth is all that is needed to keep your countertop looking its best. Also, quartz does not require an annual sealer like marble or granite.

For a quartz countertop in the Laval area, there is no better option than Comptoir Quartz & Granit. Our personalized service and attention to detail make us one of the best in the industry. With our unbeatable prices, you have everything to gain by contacting us. Don't wait any longer and get the kitchen you deserve.

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